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New research project "Smart-GM"

In the new research project, the SI-Lab of Paderborn University and the companies aXon, myconsult, UNITY and WP Kemper are working together on an assistance system that suggests suitable innovative business model ideas to its users. The basis for this is, on the one hand, a comprehensive knowledge base of business models and, on the other, artificial intelligence. The AI algorithms are to generate new ideas from the large number of possible combinations in a targeted manner. These are then evaluated on a public crowd platform or by customers and experts. In the long run, the quality of new business model proposals of the assistance system will increase with the increasing number of evaluations. The project with its total volume of approximately 2.0 million euros is being funded by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the EU with up to 1.4 million euros. Prof. Dr. Nancy Wünderlich is involved on the side of SI-Lab and contributes her expertise on technology acceptance of the assistance system to the project.

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