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18.01. Joyce Delnoij (Wageningen University) "Jump bidding in online auctions: An in vivo experiment"

Seminarreihe "Economics and Management"


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24.06. Jan Heufer (ERASMUS University Rotterdam) "Reciprocity and preferences for giving: A nonparametric analysis"

Seminarreihe "Economics and Management"

17.06. Marc Schröder (RWTH Aachen University) "Price of Anarchy in Stochastic Atomic Congestion Games with Affine Costs"

Seminarreihe "Economics and Management"

Mai 20.05. Tobias Wenzel (University of Sheffield)

"Complex pricing and consumer-side attention"

Seminarreihe "Economics and Management"


Inácio Bó (WZB Berlin Social Science Center)

"Designing Heaven's Will: Lessons in Market Design from the Chinese Imperial Civil Servants Match"

Seminarreihe "Economics and Management"


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10.12. Alexander Rasch (Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics, Heinrich Heine University) "The role of diagnostic ability in markets for expert services"

Seminarreihe "Economics and Management"

  03.12. Kris de Jaegher (Utrecht University School of Economics, Niederlande)
"Collective defense against strategic disruption"

Seminarreihe "Economics and Management"

Mai 07.05. Mujaheed Shaikh (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Österreich) Too sticky to switch? Lessons learned from health plan choices of the elderly

Seminarreihe "Economics and Management"

Januar 15.01. Alex Possajennikov (School of Economics, University of Nottingham, UK) Preventing the Tyranny of the Majority - Experiment on Choosing Voting Thresholds behind the Veil of Ignorance Seminarreihe "Economics and Management"


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November 06.11. Oddvar Kaarbøe (University of Oslo, Norwegen) GPs, Contracts and Inequalities Seminarreihe "Economics and Management"
Juni 19.06. Jörg Franke (Technische Universität Dortmund, Deutschland) Optimal Favoritism in All-Pay Auctions and Lottery Contests Seminarreihe "Economics and Management"


November28.11.Dimitrios Kourouklis (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management)Pharmaceutical Spending and Early-Stage Innovation in Pharmaceuticals in Europe: an Instrumental Variable AnalysisSeminarreihe "Economics and Management"
07.11.Anna Kerkhof (University of Cologne)Coverage Bias on Wikipedia? Evidence from German Members of ParliamentSeminarreihe "Economics and Management"

Oktober31.10.Franziska Heinicke
(Utrecht University)
The effect of game/loss framing on lying behaviourSeminarreihe "Economics and Management"
Juli04.07.Dr. Tobias Wenzel
(University of Bath)
Hidden pricesSeminarreihe "Economics and Management"
Mai30.05.Prof. Dr. Luigi Mittone
(University of Trento)
Grandparents Matter: Perspectives on Intergenerational Altruism. - An Experiment on Family Dynamic Spillovers in Public Goods GamesSeminarreihe "Economics and Management"
23.05.Prof. Dr. Arno Riedl
(Masstricht University)
Labor market gift-exchange and output market competitionSeminarreihe "Economics and Management"


Dezember14.12.Prof. Dr. Sander Onderstal
(University of Amsterdam, Niederlande)
Does Relative Grading Help Male Students? Evidence from a Field Experiment in the ClassroomSeminarreihe "Economics and Management"
November30.11.Joyce Delnoij
(University School of Economics, Utrecht, Niederlande)
Compare and Despair: Social comparison Concerns in AuctionsSeminarreihe "Economics and Management"
16.11.Dr. Felix Kölle
(Universität zu Köln, Deutschland)
Different Frames or Indifferent Games? Comparing Common Pool and Public School Social DilemmasSeminarreihe "Economics and Management"

JProf. Dr. Lars Metzger

(Technische Universität, Dortmund, Deutschland)

Alliance formation in contests with incomplete informationSeminarreihe "Economics and Management"

Prof. Dr. Uwe Dullek

(Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australien)

Imposing codes of good conduct promotes social behaviorSeminarreihe "Economics and Management"

Prof. Dr. Dr. Ulrich Schmidt

(Institute of Economics, Universität Kiel, Deutschland)

Risk Taking and Social Ranking: An Evolutionary PerspectiveSeminarreihe "Economics and Management"



Prof. Dr. Oddvar Martin Kaarbøe

(Department Economics, Universität Bergen, Norwegen)

How do hospitals respond to price changes? Evidence from NorwaySeminarreihe "Economics and Management"

Prof. Dr. Michael W. M. Roos

(Department Economics, Lehrstuhl für Makroökonomie, Ruhr-Universität Bochum)

An experiment on fairness in unstructured bargainingSeminarreihe "Economics and Management"

Prof. Dr. Rosemarie Nagel

 (Department Economics, Universität Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spanien)
Correlated Shocks in Keynesian Beauty Contest Game: An Experimental StudySeminarreihe "Economics and Management"



Dr. Yiquan Gu

(Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting an der Universität Liverpool, Management School)

Consumer confusion, obfuscation and price regulationSeminarreihe "Economics and Management"

Prof. Dr. Oddvar M. Kaarbøe

(Universität Bergen, Norwegen)


Jun.-Prof. Dr. Annika Herr

(VWL, Schwerpunkt Gesundheitsökonomik, Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics (DICE) der Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf)

Reference prices and co-payment exemptions: Pricing strategies of innovators and generic producers in the German market for pharmaceuticalsSeminarreihe "Economics and Management"

Dr. Peter Werner

 (Forscher für Design & Behavior - Economic Engineering of Firms and Markets an der Universität zu Köln)

Timing of Kindness – Evidence from a Field ExperimentSeminarreihe "Economics and Management"

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Tobias Wenzel

(Industrieökonomik, Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics (DICE) der Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf)

Shrouding of add-on information: an experimental studySeminarreihe "Economics and Management"
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