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ICIS 2018 – SIGSVC Workshop “Service Science and IS”, San Francisco, 12th–13th December 2018: Service Science and Information Systems Research: Moving Forward to Make a Difference

Workshop Organizers


Theme of the Workshop

Service Science is an emerging research field that is highly relevant to IS scholars. Information systems enable the creation of many services (e.g. cloud based storage), while simultaneously representing the context in which many services are co-created (e.g. IT consulting). However, despite substantial efforts within the field, researchers and practitioners still suffer from a lack of theory-based knowledge for engineering and managing services, and to leverage IS for service innovation. At the same time, service, a concept that can be considered the foundation of all economic exchange (e.g. Vargo and Lusch, 2004), now challenges previously established concepts in the IS discipline, such as the separation between corporate IS and consumer IS, or internal IS and external services. Service-focused research in IS needs to create and refine concepts, models, methods, and systems to reflect these developments.

Purpose of the Workshop

This workshop intends to facilitate the discourse amongst IS researchers interested in service science. Those interested in questions related to service that extend or even depart from conventional wisdom within IS research are particularly encouraged to participate. We invite those who are interested to shape the future of the field to join us. Workshop participants can develop their ideas in a short paper prior to the workshop. The workshop itself provides an interactive and fun format to present, challenge, and develop break-through ideas on Service Science and IS.

Format of the Workshop

Workshop participants are invited to meet for an informal welcome/networking event on the evening of Wednesday, December 12th. The meeting will enable participants to meet new people and to get immersed in the SIG. Details will be announced, depending on the number of participants.

The workshop itself will be a conducted on Thursday, December 13th, as a half-day event, including three sessions. The first session will feature a Service Science Slam, inviting workshop participants to present and discuss individual ideas for the future development of ‘service science’ (not more than 15 minutes each). In the second session, two senior service scholars will pitch their view on current topics in the discipline. The workshop will be concluded by the annual SIG Services assembly, in which we will also elect some new representatives for leading the SIG.

Time Event in San Francisco
Wed, Dec 12th  
20:00 – 23:00 Informal networking event with some food and drinks (details tba)
Thu, Dec 13th  
09:00 – 09:15 Welcome and Networking Coffee
09:15 – 11:00 Workshop Session 1: Service Science Slam (15 min. per Input)
11:00 – 11:30 Coffee Break
11:30 – 12:30 Workshop Session 2: Senior Scholar Pitches
12:30 – 13:00 Lunch Break, Research Poster Presentations
13:00 – 14:00 Annual AIS SIG Services Assembly, Elections, Closing

Justification of the Workshop and Sponsorship by AIS SIG Services

Service Science is a major research area within the IS discipline today, and the SIG Services was recognized by the AIS as an Outstanding SIG in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. This workshop will build on a series of successful meetings in the last few years and provide a forum for those working in the service science field to develop innovative ideas that can transform our understanding and design of IS and service systems. The workshop complements the “Service Science” Track that is hosted by the SIG Services at ICIS, and it represents the main annual assembly of the SIG.

Target Audience

The primary target audience includes the current members of the AIS SIG Services, as well as other researchers interested in investigating and designing IT-based services. In particular, we encourage the ‘next generation of service researchers’ that have begun researching Service Science with the revitalization of the field at the beginning of this millennium.


Important dates / Submissions of short papers

Accepted short papers will be presented at the workshop as posters. Please hand in your papers via email to the workshop organizers. Acceptable papers must satisfy the ICIS formatting guidelines for research-in-progress papers. They must be at least four pages long (references excluded), but no longer than regular research-in-progress papers submitted to ICIS.

The timeline for submissions is as follows:

  • 15.10.2018: Submission deadline for short papers
  • 22.10.2018: Acceptance decisions made and authors notified
  • 13.12.2018: Workshop day in San Francisco; papers will be presented
Workshop Organizer ICIS 2018

Prof. Dr. Daniel Beverungen

Paderborn University, Germany


Workshop Organizer ICIS 2018

Christoph F. Breidbach

The University of Melbourne, Australia


Die Universität der Informationsgesellschaft