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Recent publications - Home (Office) is where your heart is

Digital nomadism had been exclusively related to entrepreneurs, freelancers, and gig workers. But recently, the working conditions of knowledge workers rapidly changed as corporate employees began to uncouple their work from stationary (home) offices and 9-to-5 schedules too. Still, this fundamentally differs from the original notion of digital nomadism. Therefore, in this paper, Professor Mirbabaie and his colleagues explore the work identity of “corporate nomads”, propose a conceptualisation of the corporate nomad archetype, and present nine salient identity issues of corporate nomads to rethink established conceptions of “home office” and socio-spatial configurations of knowledge work.

Marx, J., Stieglitz, S., Brünker, F. & Mirbabaie, M. (2023) Home (Office) is where your Heart is. Bus Inf Syst Eng.


Die Universität der Informationsgesellschaft