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Recent publications.

Professor Milad Mirbabaie's recent publication shows that in addition to the existing benefits for the health sector, some ethical issues may also be raised. Together with his co-authors, he shows that research to date on ethical considerations of AI in digital health is quite sparse, and a holistic overview is not available. With the help of a systematic literature review, five main ethical principles are identified: Beneficiality, Non-Maleficiality, Autonomy, Justice and Explicability. Furthermore, the article seeks to help practitioners to understand novel questions AI raises, eventually leading to properly regulated implementations.

Möllmann, N. R., Mirbabaie, M., & Stieglitz, S. (2021). Is it alright to use artificial intelligence in digital health? A systematic literature review on ethical considerations. Health Informatics Journal, 27(4), 14604582211052391.

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