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Accommodation - Hotel Bookings

There are limited block reservations at several hotels in the city center of Paderborn with a special price for attendees of the conference and the workshop. Please reserve until August, 1.





Best Western ArosaWesternmauer 38, Paderborn
  • Single room: 72 euro incl. breakfast
via the link Best Western Arosa
Code: ESEA2017
B&B HotelBahnhofstraße 31, Paderborn
  • Single room: 52 euro excl. breakfast (Breakfast: 7.50 euro)
  • Double room: 62 euro excl. breakfast (Breakfast: 7.50 euro)
via the link B&B Hotel
Code: ESEA2017
Hotel AspetheraAm Busdorf 7, Paderborn
  • Single room: 80 euro incl. breakfast
via the link Hotel Aspethera 
Code: ESEA2017
Hotel StadthausHathumarstraße 22, Paderborn
  • Single room: 65 euro incl. breakfast
  • Single room Economy: 75 euro incl. breakfast
  • Single room Standard: 86 euro incl. breakfast
  • Double room Comfort: 105 euro incl. breakfast
via the link Hotel Stadhaus
Code: ESEA2017
Hotel zur MühleMühlenstraße 2, Paderborn
  • Single room: 87 euro incl. breakfast
  • Double room: 99 euro incl. breakfast
via the link Hotel zur Mühle
Code: ESEA2017
Welcome HotelFürstenweg 13, Paderborn
  • Single room: 94 euro incl. breakfast
via the link Welcome Hotel
Code: ESEA2017

Transportation to the Conference Location

By public transport: From Paderborn main train station take any of the following buses to the university: Line 4 direction "Dahl", Line 9 direction "Kaukenberg", Line 68 direction "Schöne Aussicht". Further Information and schedules:

By car: Paderborn is situated along the A33 motorway an can be reached via the A2 or A44 motorways. Take the exit "Paderborn Zentrum" and then follow the signs to "Universität" along the B 64.

Transportation from Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport to the City Centre

By air: The airport Paderborn-Lippstadt is located 17.4 km from Paderborn. The closest international airports are Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, and Hanover. Further information and flight schedules:

The distance between Paderborn Central Station and Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport is about 17.4 km (= 10.81 miles). There are three options for travelling from the airport to Paderborn Central Station.

  • Bus: There is a direct bus connection between Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport and Paderborn Central Station (Lines S60: Timetable and 460: Timetable). A one-way ticket will cost 6.80€. Further information: Bus
  • Rent a car: Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport also offers the possibility to rent a car. Further information: Car rental 
  • Taxi Service: There are plenty of taxis outside the terminal available. Further information: Taxi Service

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