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Nina Stephan

Universität Paderborn
Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Warburger Str. 100
33098 Paderborn

Phone (+49) 05251 60-2491
Mail Nina.stephan(at)upb(dot)de
Office Q4.310

Office Hours: please request an appointment via e-mail

Three of my current research projects are:

  • "Crumbling morals? An experimental study on how a social framing can affect embezzlement"
  • "Revisiting a remedy against the chain of unkindness" with Wendelin Schnedler

Feel free to contact me for a recent working paper version of any of these projects via nina.stephan(at)

I enjoy courses where teachers and students can interact, so both sides can learn from each other.


Supervising Bachelor and Master Theses SS14 until today

Peer-Mentoring I & II WS16/17, SS17, WS17/18, SS18
Managerial Economics WS15/16, WS16/17, WS17/18
Finding Your Research Topic SS14, WS14/15, SS15, SS16
Discussing Research Papers in Economics and Management WS15/16
Topics in Economics and Management WS14/15
Ideas in Economics and Management WS14/15
Strategic/ Advanced Management SS14, SS15

PostDoc researcher at the chair of Managerial Economics, since 2014
Paderborn University
PhD at the chair of Managerial Economics, 2014-2019
Paderborn University
Master of Science in Economic Studies (Track of Public Economics), 2012-2014
Maastricht University
Semester abroad following graduate studies in Economics, 2013
Ecole de Management Lyon
Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Economics (Specialization in International Economics), 2009-2012
Maastricht University
Semester abroad following undergraduate studies in...

I am interested in Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics, and topics such as Altruism & Reciprocity.

Some information regarding current research projects in progress is given above.

Recently, I started to learn Turkish in a tandem system.

In my free time, I am also singing in a choir, as well as in a vocal ensemble.

I enjoy doing sports, especially outdoors, and I am currently a member of the University Ultimate Frisbee team.

From 2015 to 2018 I acted as the speaker of the PhD students and PostDocs of this faculty (Mittelbausprecherin), and represented this group in the Faculty Study Council (Studienbeirat).

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