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Research Interests

- Information Economics

- Industrial Organization

- Competition Policy

- Behavioural Economics

- Experimental Economics



  • "Cheap Talk with Multiple Strategically Interacting Audiences: An Experimental Study" (with Ronald Peeters), PLoS ONE2016, 11(10): e0163783. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0163783 [link].
  • "Rivalry Information Acquisition and Disclosure" (with Ronald Peeters), Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, (Forthcoming).
Working Papers

- Antitrust sanctions against individuals

- Does vertical integration increase product quality? (with Sanxi Li and Zhan Qu)

Research in Progress

I am currently involved in research on

- Responsibility (with Wendelin Schnedler)

- Individual sanctions against cartels (with Burkhard Hehenkamp)

- Corruption with staff networking (with Burkhard Hehenkamp and Eugen Dimant)

- Stance switching and trust (with Julia Kramer)





I'm currently teaching the following courses

2014-      Post-doc
Paderborn University
2010-2014Ph.D. in Economics
Maastricht University
2008-2010M.Sc. in Economics
Toulouse School of Economics
2005-2008M.A. in Economics
Peking University
2001-2005B.A. in Economics
Zhengzhou University

The University for the Information Society