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Silvia Lübbecke

Universität Paderborn
Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Warburger Str. 100
33098 Paderborn

Phone(+49) 05251 60-2493
Mail silvia.luebbecke(at)upb(dot)de

I am interested in Conflict Resolution, Experimental Economics, Game Theory and Behavioral Economics.

I am currently involved in research on

Group identity and lying

Paternalism vs. self-determination (with Wendelin Schnedler)

Cheating among children (with Julia Kramer and Nina Stephan)

Conflict and similarity (with Wendelin Schnedler)

I like to know why things are the way we perceive them. Nothing is more annoying than courses where you just have to swallow facts. I especially enjoy courses in which some one can be creative and find ways to answer their "why" or "how". Here are my favorite courses:

PhD Student at the chair of Managerial Economics, since 2011
Paderborn University
Master of Science in International Economics, 2008-2011
Paderborn University
Bachelor of Arts in Economics, 2003-2008
Paderborn University

The University for the Information Society