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Topics in Economics and Management (TEAM): Events Winter 2015/2016

11.11.2015Silvia LübbeckeCheating for my or for your benefit? A field experiment with children
25.11.2015Eugen Dimant(Un)ethical behavior and the role of reputation
02.12.2015Wendelin SchnedlerCurse of crowds
09.12.2015Britta HoyerMeasuring gender differences in competitiveness: A lab-in-the-field replication from the Netherlands
16.12.2015MarlonAre Business Cycles Asymmetric? -Testing 200 Years of Business Cycle Dynamics
13.01.2016Claus Jochen and ThomasAn Economic Theory of ’Destabilization War’ - Compromise for Peace versus Conventional, Guerilla, or Terrorist Warfare
20.01.2016Xinyu LiVertical integration as a signal of quality
03.02.2016Bernd Frick
10.02.2016Behnud Djawadi and Thomas J.StudyNOW - A gamification-based mobile app to mitigate procrastination among students

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