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Welcome and Herzlich Willkommen at the Chair of Microeconomics!

Microeconomic analysis is ultimately concerned with individual and group decision making and the impact on society. Our research is focused on Game Theory and Mechanism Design. Game Theory analyzes on the one hand strategic behavior, when the involved agents may act non-cooperatively, and on the other hand offers solutions to problems of sharing a joint gain in a fair way. Mechanism Design goes one step beyond and aims at designing rules for a game, so that a desirable outcome can be achieved by strategic behavior.

From Sep. 25th - 27th all office hours have to be cancelled due to a chair meeting.

Prof. Dr. Claus-Jochen Haake by appointment (outside teaching term)
Lukas Block Thu 14-15
Dr. Papatya Duman Tue 11-12
Simon Hoof Mon 14-16
Thomas Streck Wed 14-15
Nadja Stroh-Maraun Wed 14-14
Stephanie Langenströer Mon-Thu 8.30-12:30 Tue 14-16

Please send an email in advance.

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