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Master of Science International Business Studies

Attention: You need a German proficiency level of C1 (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) in order to follow the study program!

We are pleased to see that you are interested in our M.Sc. International Business Studies program. This master’s degree at Paderborn University offers an interdisciplinary study concept. Not only does the program consist of business administration and economics but it also deepens language skills as well as intercultural understanding due to the comparison of institutions internationally.

The language seminars within this master’s degree are taught in small courses, which enables an excellent learning environment. Language skills are deepened with a significant focus on the abilities deemed necessary for the future working life of our students.

The practical orientation of the lectures in business administration and economics increases during the M.Sc. International Business Studies. This offers you, our students, the tremendous opportunity to establish contact with external companies as well as gaining important experience for your future career.

Furthermore, Paderborn University offers great possibilities for spending time abroad, as we hold strong partnerships with many foreign universities. Although staying abroad is not a compulsory element of your studies, the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics strongly supports this. For example, students can study in Asia as part of our ASBE Program, or spend a semester in the U.S. and complete our “Double Degree Program”. Further information regarding this can be found on the website of the International Office.

Your program coordinator

Prof. Dr. Martin Schneider

Career Perspectives

The M.Sc. in International Business Studies, on the one hand, provides students with the opportunity to specialize within their preferred thematic area, while on the other hand accommodating the acquirement of the requisite skills needed to continue their studies. For example, for a ph.D program.

The career perspectives for the master’s degree do not differ greatly from those of the bachelor’s degree. However, a greater specialization is guaranteed due to the selection of complementary modules. Establishing an individual focus, as well as the development of a personal profile are essential due to the increasing need for trained professionals. Moreover, through deepened language skills and the accumulation of knowledge regarding economic institutions across countries, the internationality of our students is trained and enhanced. In todays working climate the acquirement of a sound education in business administration and economics as well as profound language skills and an understanding of international cultures has become increasingly important.

A special emphasis within this master program is scientific training. The master students, who complete scientific papers in several disciplines, support the prominent position of research at

Paderborn University. Thus, they learn and apply scientific work methods. Additionally, this promotes interest for topics which could be taken up within a doctoral study program.

Due to the possibility of setting an individual focus, career profiles for master graduates vary substantially. For example, students can achieve profiles in areas such as Strategic Management, Corporate Finance, Consulting and Market Research.

Study Plans for Selected Career Profiles

Here you can find selected examples of career profiles, which might serve as an orientation for choosing modules. Please be aware, that these examples are for orientation only and that this list is not exhaustive.

Study Plan

The study plan is a recommendation for the progression of the master's program. In addition to the following time sequence other structures within the four-semester study course are also possible. This depends on the individual content-related setting of priorities.

The examination regulations  provide comprehensive information and contain all legal regulations with respect to examinations.

Application Information

The enrolment at Paderborn University is centrally organized by the Administration Office. Applicants from Germany or from EU-Member States can apply online via the application portal PAUL. All required documents for the enrolment can be found at

Applicants from non-member countries need to contact the International Office.

An overview about restricted and unrestricted study programs, as well as the registration periods is given here.

Admission Requirements

The admission requirements for the master’s degree in International Business Studies (M.Sc.) are:

  • A certificate proving German language proficiency ( C1 level)
  • The successful completion of the bachelor`s degree in International Business Studies at Paderborn University or
  • The successful completion of an equivalent or comparable research oriented study degree in International Business Studies or of another appropriate study degree program.

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