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Bachelor of Science International Business Studies

Attention: You need a German proficiency level of C1 (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) in order to follow the study program!

Welcome to the homepage of our study program International Business Studies (IBS) at Paderborn University!

Nowadays, companies and organizations employ people, who possess both a sound education in business administration and economics, as well as profound language skills and an understanding of different cultures. This combination of skills has been provided by the study programs of IBS since 1991.

Approximately 2/3 of the bachelor degree in IBS focus on economics, in particular business administration. 1/3 is, therefore, dedicated to languages. Besides English, students can also concentrate on French or Spanish. These courses not only emphasize language skills, but also provide knowledge concerning the economic institutions across countries. Furthermore, the social competencies of our students are trained.

Moreover, it is not just our course content which focuses on attaining international knowledge. We also welcome and encourage students to integrate a semester abroad, at one of our many partner universities, into their study plan.

Performance reviews are carried out during each semester allowing students to receive constant feedback regarding their performance level. Assessment can comprise of written and oral exams, term papers, seminars, exercise sheets or project work.

IBS is a complete university degree consisting of two levels. With a standard study period of six semesters, the “Bachelor of Science in International Business Studies” qualifies students professionally. Students eager to gain further qualifications can deepen their knowledge through the completion of a four-semester master’s degree. We hope, our study program has sparked your interest and we are looking forward to welcoming you here at Paderborn University.

Your program coordinator

Prof. Dr. Martin Schneider

Particularities of the B.Sc. International Business Studies in Paderborn

The study program IBS in Paderborn offers an interdisciplinary study concept, which not only consists of business administration and economics but also deepens language skills, (English compulsory, Spanish or French as electives) as well as intercultural understanding.

New students are supported during their start at Paderborn University. The student body of our study program organizes an introductory week to help students orientate themselves and to support them in establishing first contact with their fellow students.

Moreover, new students are presented with the opportunity to join our mentoring program, which is conducted on a voluntarily basis during the first two semesters. It consists of several meetings in small groups. During those meetings questions regarding the study program are answered and the students are supported in organizing their studies at Paderborn University.

Due to the large number of partner universities in several different countries, Paderborn University offers great opportunities for students to spend some time studying abroad. Although a stay abroad is not a compulsory element of the IBS study programs, our faculty strongly recommends and supports studying in a foreign country.

Career prospects

In today’s globalized business environment, proficiency in business administration and economics, as well as internationality are considered prerequisites for future employment. This is exactly what the students of the study program International Business Studies are provided with.                                    

Transition to the professional world

In general, studies in business administration and economics offer extensive career prospects. Due to the opportunity for students to create an individually tailored degree focus, potential career profiles vary. In this regard, students can focus their studies in several key areas, such as Strategic Management, Corporate Finance, Consulting and Market Research. The advantage of studying IBS is the additional focus on two languages. Therefore, the study program is particularly attractive for those interested in acquiring international employment.

Below you can find some examples for selected career profiles, which may serve as orientation for choosing modules. Please note that those examples are for orientation only and that this list is not exhaustive.

Prospects in Science

Another possibility, after finishing the bachelor’s degree, is to proceed with one of the master programs offered by Paderborn University. The successful completion of a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Economics not only enables our students to take part in different postgraduate programs worldwide but also allows students to continue with the following master programs, when they fulfil the substantive requirements here at Paderborn University :

Within the master’s degree students can further specialize in their selected area of business administration or economics. Moreover, there is a strong focus on scientific work. After graduation, the acquired skills can be applied either at work or during doctoral studies.

Further admission requirements can be found at the homepages of the master programs.

Module structure

The study program IBS at Paderborn University offers an interdisciplinary study concept, which not only consists of a sound education in business administration and economics but also deepens language skills as well as intercultural understanding.

IBS is a complete university degree consisting of two levels. With a standard period of study of six semesters, the “Bachelor of Science International Business Studies” qualifies students professionally. Students interested in gaining further qualifications can deepen their knowledge during the four-semester master’s degree.

The first two semesters of the bachelor’s degree are referred to as the Assessment Phase:

  • Principles of Business Administration A: This module deals with a diverse introduction into Business Administration. It consists of Marketing, Procurement and Production, External Financial Reporting and Business Taxation.
  • Principles of Business Administration B: This module consists of Finance, Investments, Cost and Performance Accounting.
  • Mathematics for Economists I and Statistics I: This module is an introduction to mathematics for economists and mathematical analysis for business. In addition, students are taught about explorative and descriptive statistics, as well as stochastics.
  • Main Principles of Economics: This module is divided into two parts: Micro- and Macroeconomics.
  • Languages: English is compulsory for every IBS-student. The English lectures presume eight or nine years of learning in school. In addition, another language has to be chosen. Students can decide between French and Spanish. Both courses can be taken without any prior knowledge. Further information on the languages can be found at Languages and Culture.
  • Peer Mentoring: In this program students receive assistance in organizing their first two semesters. Furthermore, they develop an individual study plan.


During the Profiling Phase (3rd – 6th Semester) students have the possibility to choose electives in the amount of 10 ECTS. This provides them with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in one particular field or to generalize their knowledge via choosing courses out of other areas. Furthermore, the electives allow them to transfer credit points from foreign universities. The language and culture courses are compulsory within the Profiling Phase. Another important component of the Profiling Phase is the Bachelor Thesis. While writing their thesis, students shall learn how to work independently on a problem set within a given timeframe through the application of scientific methods.

Study plan

Assessment Phase

The first two semesters of the standard period of study are referred to as the Assessment Phase and consist of a combination of compulsory modules. Only in foreign languages, students can choose between French and Spanish, while English is obligatory. The primary aim of the Assessment Phase is to provide basic knowledge. The eligible modules of the Profiling Phase are based on this knowledge.

Within the Peer Mentoring Program students receive assistance in organizing their first two semesters. Moreover, they develop an individual study plan. Further information can be found here

Profiling Phase

The Profiling Phase offers students the chance to set an individual focus. Students choose modules relating to their own preferences. The modules can be selected from different departments. This allows our students to set priorities within their bachelor program.

The modules comprise of different parts, such as lectures, exercises, seminars or projects.

Further information regarding the Profiling Phase can be found here.

Application Information


The enrolment at Paderborn University is centrally organized by the Administration Office. Applicants from Germany or from EU-Member States can apply online via the application portal PAUL. All required documents for the enrolment can be found at

Applicants from non-member countries need to contact the International Office.

An overview about restricted and unrestricted study programs, as well as the registration periods is given here.

Admission Requirements

The Admission requirement for the B.Sc. in International Business Studies is a university entrance qualification. Since winter term 2010/2011 students need to fulfil the local Numerus Clausus.

One particular requirement for this study program is a certificate of German Language proficiency (C1 level).

 A language test is not required. However, the language courses in English are based on the knowledge that should be acquired after eight to nine years of English in school. Spanish and French can be taken without any prerequisites. The study program starts annually in the winter term.

Moreover, prospective students should have a basic understanding of mathematics as well as an interest in economy and different cultures. Please note that applicants for this program need to fulfil the full university entrance requirements.  

More information on the application and the enrolment is given here.

Furthermore, you can find a summary of frequently asked questions regarding the admission requirements in our FAQ.

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