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Information about the allocation procedure and application for thesises

The professorship for International Business gives students the opportunity to write a bachelor’s/master’s thesis. Thereby, the following points should be taken into consideration:

Here you can find a presentation from the information event about writing a thesis at our chair from the 13.01.2016

1) In general, every thesis that are written in corporation with the chair should contain a clear empirical character (no theoretical thesis!). Furthermore, the research questions should provide an added value for practioners. Thesises involving partners (e.g. companies) are generally possible provided that the two criteria are fulfilled.

2) Before the registration of a bachelor’s/master’s thesis, at least one first interview is necessary. This first interview is not only about the motivation of the student but also about die question of concern which topics can be dealt with. Preferred topics are in line with the areas of research of the chair. A decision will be taken only after this interview.

3) The application for bachelor’s/master’s thesises should be submitted during the scheduled registration phase through the central allocation procedure.

4) You are obliged to participate regularly in the research colloquia. Within these colloquia you make a presentation once at the beginning and once again at the end of you bachelor’s/master’s thesis.

 5) You can find our template for thesises and seminar papers here.

Contact persons for thesises

Contact person Topics
Dr. Chengguang Li Internationalization & Culture
Anja Wöstenkühler Personnel & Culture
Benjamin Krebs Talent management & Compensation
Bernhard Wach Compensation & Recruiting
Kristina Reineke Gender & Diversity
Eva Schmitz Social Entrepreneurship & CSR
Dr. Holger Steinmetz Work psychology & Entrepreneurship
Sonja Golubovic HR, Knowledge & Innovation
Dr. Marius Wehner Human Resource Management
Nicolas Megow Strategy & Top Management Teams

 External online statistic courses

The goals of our chair are not only the imparting of course content but also the improvement of methodological competence of the students in order to enable them to do their own analyses and to evaluate emirical scientific papers properly. 

We particularly recommend the software packets SPSS, R and Stata. You can find further information of those programs under the following links:






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