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The courses listed below are offered by Prof. Dr. Haake. For the complete module catalogue of the Department of Business Adminstration and Economics, please follow the link.

More information on material can be found on PANDA.

Summerterm 2018

W1401/W1411 Grundzüge der Volkswirtschaftslehre - Mikrotheorie, BA Assessmentphase, 10 ECTS

Tuesday 11.00-14.00AudimaxProf. Dr. Hehenkamp
Friday 16.00-20.00AudimaxProf. Dr. Jungblut
Nadja Maraun

The schedule of the tutorials can be checked in PAUL. For further questions contact Nadja Maraun. Please find more information in PANDA.

Grundzüge der Volkswirtschaftslehre - Course description


W4467 Auctions, Incentives, Matchings, Master, 10 ECTS

Thursday 11.00-13.00B 1Prof. Dr. Haake
Thursday 14.00-16.00B 1Prof. Dr. Haake
Monday14.00-16.00Q2.101Simon Hoof

Please find more information in PANDA.

Auctions, Incentives, Matchings - Course description


W4465 Games and Networks, Master, 5 ECTS

Block Seminar, please register in PANDA to get access to the module's documents.

There will be a first meeting at the beginning of the summer term, in which we discuss the schedule and contents of the course.

Games and Networks - Course description

W2441 - Game Theory 
WS10DEUProf. Dr. Haake
W2442 - Topics in Game Theory 
SS5ENGProf. Dr. Haake
W4441 - Methods of Economic Analyses (Lecture / Tutorial)WS10ENGProf. Dr. Haake
W4466 - Advanced MicroeconomicsWS5ENGProf. Dr. Haake
W4467 - Auctions, Incentives, MatchingsSS10ENGProf. Dr. Haake
W4465 - Games and NetworksSS5ENGProf. Dr. Haake
Modulname Semester ECTSSprache Verantwortlicher 
W6461 Advanced MicroeconomicsWS5ENGProf. Dr. Haake 

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